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Renewal fees are scheduled to increase in 2017. Take advantage of this deal!

Obtain your yearly 3 IFTA cec requirement if you haven’t already.
3 ways to obtain CEC’s – choose one option:
  1. Attend IFTA courses/workshops
  2. Order a dvd/cec package at “shop on line” and “in home courses”.  May be ANY topic regardless of the type of Certification you have.
  3. Order 3 correspondence courses to read at “shop on line” and “correspondence”(ANY topics).

If ordering 3 cec’s, you may go ahead and register for an additional year renewal before this offer is removed.

Register for an additional year renewal and mail or fax in the following:
  • Renewal form
  • Your normal renewal fee for the year ($20 if on time, $25 if up to 3 months late, etc.)
  • CEC's (if you completed your cec's with a dvd test or correspondence course test - send that).
NOTE: Everyone has to complete the normal 3 cec requirement for the year and the $60 gets you an additional year.

(if needed print one from the website by going to “Get Certified” and “Renewal Forms”).


Frequently Asked Questions - Please read
  1. What if my IFTA Certification is 6 months past due?
    Bring it current with your 3 IFTA cec requirement and renewal fee – then you may choose the $60 additional year option.  If you don’t want to miss out on this deal since it’s a limited time offer, you may register for it and quickly order your cec’s + send in your renewal form with the cec’s.
  2. What if I have more than one 1 year IFTA Certification?
    You may add / convert any additional 1 year IFTA Certifications for an additional $20 each! As it has been from the beginning, it is the same 3 IFTA cec requirement for all 1 year IFTA Certifications and you may continue to use those same cecs towards renewal of multiple Certifications (including the 2 year Group Fitness Certification).
  3. Will my IFTA Certification date(s) change?
    Your IFTA Certification dates will remain the same.
  4. What happens after the 2 years?
    We intend to offer the same deal.
  5. Why $60 (if completed online, $80 for call-ins)?
    You are paying for the convenience of a 2 year IFTA Certification (96% of you have asked for this - and we have listened!).  Many of you have let your IFTA Certification expire and had to pay $75 + Cec's in order to renew and not re-test.  Renewal fees are subject to change - and IFTA is clearly the most cost effective option available.  It's simply a better deal and makes sense.
  6. What about Cec's? Good question!
    • If you have completed your 3 IFTA cec’s per year requirement to renew, then you are all set and qualify for the $60 additional year.
    • If you have not completed your 3 IFTA cec per year requirement, then quickly obtain the cecs and you qualify.
    • What is the additional year IFTA Certification cec requirement?  Once you have completed your 3 IFTA cec’s for the year, no more cec’s are required for the additional year added for $60.
  7. What if I just got Certified?
    Awesome, Congratulations and welcome to the IFTA family!  Once you receive your Certificate in the mail, register for this additional year to be added to your new Certification and obtain your 3 IFTA cec requirement.  Everyone must complete a 3 cec requirement to qualify for this deal.  Refer to the steps highlighted in yellow above.  We will hold this registration in pending until we receive your cec’s and renewal form.  Once received we will send you a new Certificate with the additional year.  You will be saving the cost of cec’s + renewal fees for the following year.  This is a limited offer – so if you want an additional year – act now.
  8. What if I just renewed?
    Fantastic! You qualify for the $60 additional year as well.  Register here and we will add an additional year to your Certificate and you are on your way!
  9. What if I renewed 6 months ago?
    No problem – register for the $60, then we will add an additional year and send a new Certificate.  Why do this deal if I just renewed?  Because $60 is less expensive than obtaining 3 more cec’s and the renewal fee for an additional year.
  10. What if I am currently “Gold” or “Elite” with IFTA?
    If you are Elite you already have the best option/savings available so you are all set.  Thank you for being IFTA Elite!

    If you are Gold you may choose the additional year option.  Your cost is $60 for one Certification and $10 for each extra Certification.
  11. Why are we doing this?
    Because you have been asking for years... and we agree it is better and more convenient for you and for IFTA.
  12. Why is it limited?
    Because this is a trial. But...whoever takes advantage of this limited offer, will receive it with our blessing.
  13. What if my IFTA Certification has expired?
    Choose the $99 Re-Certification option plus the $60 2 year Certification and you are all set. THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE to those whose IFTA Certification has expired for less than 2 years. If it is beyond 2 years, call us and we have a great option for you too!
This offer has expired.

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