How to Get Certified – How to Pay for courses

3 Ways To Get Certified!

1. REGISTER AND ATTEND A “LIVE” IN PERSON OR VIRTUAL EVENT with one of our presenters leading the certification. Here’s what you need to know about this option.

All certifications are set up as one-day intensives.  For any certification it is recommended that you register/pay, and receive your materials at least 2 weeks in advance.  This gives you the opportunity to study your material prior to attending the certification. Some people are able to register last minute and have success with the course.

What should I expect on the day of the Certification?
Typically, on the day of the event, one of our presenters / instructors will lead everyone through the course textbook / study material with a nice exam review, along with anything that is important for you to know moving forward. There is also “hands-on” training (practical movement), as well as a written & practical exam. You will want to wear workout clothing (bring a light jacket if you think you will get chilly as IFTA may not be able to control the room temperature), water, course materials, pen / pencil, and perhaps a snack. Depending on the location of the event – there may or may not be chairs available. Most gyms have mats, steps, resist-a-balls, etc but feel free to bring a lightweight chair just in case.

CPR required?
For the Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Certifications you are required to show current proof of CPR or ISR, but it is not a prerequisite…there is a 3 month grace period given if you do not show proof on the day of your certification. We do not check to see if you have a CPR for the other certifications as we are attempting to ease the process and feel certain that a facility / gym will require it from you.
ISR is “IFTA Safety Requirement”. This is in place in case someone is unable to send proof of CPR within the 3 month grace period. If you exceed the 3 month grace period then you must re-register, attend the course again, and take the test again. There is a fee for the ISR.

Since IFTA has a lot of exams to process it could take up to 4-6 weeks to get your results. It may be sooner!

In a Hurry and want your results (along with Certificate upon passing) sent to you within 6 business days after the Certification test?  Let us know that you want to “Rush My Results” for $75.00  We will email you a payment request and you may use PayPal, credit card or Venmo. Quick + Easy!

How do I register?
You may register on line (using PayPal or a credit card. Venmo? contact [email protected]) or call us during business hours.  If we are unable to take your call please leave a message. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. If mailing a check it will have to clear our bank before your course materials are sent.

See our current Events listed. If there isn’t one convenient for you…you may choose another option to get Certified. If you are interested in putting an event together in your area – contact Greg at [email protected] or submit the hosting form.

2. CERTIFY ONLINE. This option includes downloadable videos of our presenters / instructors leading the exact same review as in person along with 2 downloadable workout videos to help you with practical movement, safety issues, form etc.  Process:  Immediately upon registering you are sent an email receipt with the downloadable study guide / textbook.  We will ask you to choose 2 workout videos.  You fill out the study guide within 30 days and we email you the test.  You have up to 30 more days to return the test.

We offer the following Certifications Online:

Group Fitness – English and Spanish

Personal Trainer – English and Spanish


Senior Fitness

Aqua Fitness


Mat Pilates


3. “AT HOME” Version.

If you learn best with hard copies of information or prefer to read material and write the information out….this option is for you! Purchase the course and it is shipped to you. You have 30 days to fill out the study guide and get it back to IFTA. We send you the test and you have another 30 days to get it back to IFTA.

Study Materials:
Textbooks and study guides are two different things.  The study guide is included in the cost of the course, the textbook is additional + S/H.  The study guide tells you what to study from the text to prepare you for the written exam. Be sure to see if there is an email option available as we have that for some certifications.

Note:  Returned checks are a $35.00 fee.


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