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IFTA Certification Renewal Information  (scroll down for renewal forms)

Congratulations on being an IFTA certified fitness professional. You are a part of the most prominent certification and continuing education companies in the world.  IFTA is Verified and Approved by the U.S. Federal government.

Certification by IFTA validates your commitment to excellence.  Continuing education and re-certification are vital parts of this commitment.  Therefore, this is designed to guide you through the renewal process effectively.

3 things are required to Renew your Certification: 

  1. Obtain the correct number of IFTA CEC’s
  2. Send in the Renewal form (email [email protected] or mail to the IFTA office)
  3. Pay the Renewal fee (either send with form or pay online)

*Detailed information is below and any further questions regarding renewal please contact Carter:  [email protected]

Group Fitness Primary Renewal

This IFTA certification is valid for a period of two years.  In order to maintain a current and balanced knowledge of the latest fitness instruction, IFTA requires the following be completed and submitted prior to your expiration date.

Earn a minimum of 10 continuing education credits (cec’s) if ALL cec’s are from IFTA.  If choosing to mix IFTA cec’s and another IFTA approved organization’s cec’s for renewal, your cec requirement goes up to 12. Eight (8) of these cec’s must be from IFTA approved workshops, courses, certification, or IFTA home study options. The other 4 cec’s may be from IFTA approved continuing education organizations (AFAA, ACE, AAAI, NASM). These must all be done within two years from your listed expiration date.

*If you have earned all your credits from IFTA you can renew with just 10 credits. You must maintain a current CPR/AED certification.

All Other Specialty Certifications

These IFTA certifications are specialty certifications and are valid for a one (1) OR two (2) year period.  IFTA requires the following be completed and submitted prior to your expiration date.

*Personal Trainer renewals must maintain proof of current CPR/AED.

  • ONE (1) YEAR Earn a minimum of 5 cec’s.  All five should be IFTA approved workshops, courses, certification, or IFTA home study options.
  • TWO (2) YEAR – If you were granted a 2 year renewal then you must earn 10 cec’s within the two years.   All ten should be IFTA approved workshops, courses, certification, or IFTA home study options.  2 year options are offered from time to time throughout the year ONLY to those who have signed themselves up (on our website) to receive email notifications.

Elite: needs same requirements of continuing education as Group Fitness every 2 years.

Gold: needs same requirements as specialty certifications.

Late Certification Renewals: Renewals for certifications are accepted for up to 6 months late.  However, you will have to pay the required late fee.  It is important to note that you maintain the original date on your certification.  In other words, if you send in all appropriate forms and fees 6 months late for your specialty certification you will only have 6 more months remaining in your new certification expiration period. Most who are this late choose the Re-certify option offered on the website.

Renewal Forms

Please print your renewal form and email [email protected] or mail it to our office.


Group Fitness Renewal Form

1 Year Specialty Renewal Form .docx

2 YEAR SPECIALTY RENEWAL FORM.docx (Must have already been pre-approved for this)

Note:  Returned checks are a $35.00 fee.

*Any further questions regarding renewal? Contact [email protected]


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Certification by IFTA validates your commitment to excellence. Continuing education and recertification are vital parts of this commitment.
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