Charleston, S.C.
Nov. 16-17, 2018

Presenter: Nicole Moore

Dates: November 16-17, 2018

Location: Trident Technical College

7000 Rivers Ave, Charleston, SC

Group Fitness Certification Nov 16: 11:00am-5:00pm 

CEC’s: 4 IFTA, 4 AFAA, 4 AAAI, .4 NASM

CEC / Workout classes Nov 17:

9-10am “Fitness Fusion”  1 IFTA, 1 AFAA, 1 AAAI, .1 ACE

10-11am “1,2,3,4 Step into Fitness”  1 IFTA, 1 AFAA, 1 AAAI, .1 ACE

11am-12pm “Dance and Shout:  1 IFTA, 1 AFAA, 1 AAAI, .1 ACE

    Scroll down to see descriptions and CEC's of each class


The Group Fitness Certification includes an exam review of the study materials, practical workout / practice class, written test.

Fitness Fusion:

Everyone wants a class that incorporates cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, tabata… the list is endless. Learn how to create a Fitness Fusion which is also Confusing for your muscles that will inspire and invigorate your participants. Muscle confusion is going to help participants to get off their fitness plateau and start to see and feel changes in their body.

1,2,3,4 Step into Fitness:

This hour workshop will focus on the basics of step aerobics and how to incorporate this lost art into a variety of fitness styles. Learn how to build choreography and intensity with just a few simple moves. You will be able to go back to your class on Monday and WOW your participants with a well rounded class and too much fun!

Dance and Shout:

This workshop will help you to develop choreography on your own for a dance type class. Learn linear progression and also modifications to make your class fun for all fitness levels. We will go over the importance of warm up style, cueing, understanding how to build choreography, and transitioning movements. You will be able to walk away with a dance style fitness class in your back pocket as well as some important tools to add to your tool box.



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