Online Barre Certification with Gay Gasper

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Upon ordering the course, the Barre manual and choreography are included as a download. If you prefer a hard copy, you may request that it be mailed.
You have 30 days to watch the video downloads. You are given 5 opportunities to download the video review. This is the same review that is given in person at “Live” events.
Gay Gasper leads you through the Barre movement, warm-up, upper body, lower body, adding equipment and mat work.
Once you have watched the videos and feel comfortable with the moves, let IFTA know and you will be sent a Certificate.

Note: Download and view on your computer, not your phone.

Must email proof of Identification.


    This Certification includes the Barre Certification manual and choreography as a download, the downloadable video review of the manual and the exact review that is given in person. In the review, Gay Gasper demonstrates how to instruct Barre classes with correct form, safety issues, sample warm up - workouts including upper body / lower body / adding equipment and a typical Barre class. Let IFTA know when you have watched the downloaded videos and you will be sent a Certificate. If you prefer to have a hard copy of the manual and study guide, you may request that it be mailed to you.


This is a Ballet Barre fitness class certification. The workout has been inspired by a blend of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga then molded into a group fitness Class. On or off the Barre this certification course moves beyond a traditional Ballet class, blending body weight strength, muscle conditioning using hand weights and tubes along with cardiovascular exercise into a Ballet inspired Barre format. This class works primarily muscle endurance and engages the entire body.  Barre classes typically focus on small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement.

This interactive course incorporates not only Ballet inspired exercises themselves, but how to execute safe and effective technique as well as the ability to give modifications to regress and progress exercises.

Ballet Barre workouts have been popular for many years due to being well rounded.  This class has elements of cardiovascular training, whole body conditioning, balance and flexibility.

You don’t have to be a classically trained dancer to teach Barre

..Just embrace your inner ballerina “Gay Gasper”

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